About Me.

Hi. My name is Robin and I am currently a Ph.D. Student at the chair of Dependable Systems and Software at Saarland University (Germany).

My passion is web development and space technologies. The bachelor program Cybersecurity made me aware for secure and bug-free code, which motivated my bachelor thesis about generating automated software tests for Android applications.

In the time between my bachelor's degree and the starting of the master's program I worked eight months in a scrum team for the German Airforce (Luftwaffe). Using modern agile software development concepts, I gathered experience with Continuous Integration and tools like Jira or Confluence.

During my master studies I worked as a student assistant at the chair "Dependable Systems and Software" at Saarland University.
My tasks included:
  • the development of a satellite energy simulator using React and Spring Boot with the help of Orekit for space related computations,
  • the contribution to a Rust library for making applications resource-aware,
  • the implementation of a system daemon to enable carbon-aware operating systems

After completing my master′s degree, I started as a Ph.D. Student at the Chair of Dependable Systems and Software lead by Prof. Dr. Holger Hermanns. Here I contribute to ongoing research in the areas of Space Networks and Sustainability in Computing. Specifically, I am working on a satellite simulation framework called FLoRaSat under the supervision of Dr. Juan Fraire and a Linux system daemon called carbond, which provides operational and embodied carbon intensities for the operating system under the supervision of Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schmidt.


The following two timelines visualize both my professional and educational career.

Educational career

Gymnasium Saarburg
A-Levels (Abitur)
My A-Levels focused on physics, math and history as the major subjects. During the computer science class, I learned the basics of programming and developed an interest in it. This experience motivated me to pursue further a study in this field.
March 2017
Saarland University
Bachelor of Science - Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity is a fascinating and important field of study. It teaches how to protect data and systems from malicious attacks and prevent security breaches. Writing software that is secure and robust requires careful design and testing. During this program, I learned various concepts and techniques to achieve these goals. This knowledge brightened my mind and made me more confident in developing secure software.
Oct. 2017 – Sept. 2020
Saarland University
Master of Science - Computer Science
My master studies of computer science deepened my software development skills, introduced me to space informatics and taught me how to write efficient and reliable software with systems programming languages such as Rust. It further developed my mind to write secure and dependable software.
Apr. 2021 – Oct. 2023

Professional career

German Airforce
Software Engineer
As a full-stack developer, I was responsible for designing, developing and maintaining applications using the Spring Framework and Java Swing. I applied best practices such as test-driven development, code reviews and documentation throughout the software development lifecycle.
Sept. 2020 – Apr. 2021
Saarland University - Chair for Dependable Systems and Software
Graduate Research Assistant
As a software engineer, I was involved in space-related full-stack development using Spring Boot with Orekit and React. My role included designing, implementing and testing web applications that interacted with satellite data and orbital mechanics. I used my skills in Java and TypeScript to create user-friendly and reliable solutions for the chair.
June 2021 – June 2022
Saarland University - Chair for Dependable Systems and Software
Graduate Research Assistant
As a software engineer, I was involved in the development of Rust libraries for resource and carbon-awareness. These libraries enable applications to monitor and optimize their energy consumption and carbon footprint. I applied my skills in Rust programming, software design, and testing to deliver high-quality code and contribute to the ongoing research.
Jan 2023 – July 2023
Saarland University - Chair for Dependable Systems and Software
Ph.D. Student
As a Ph.D. Student, I work on developing reliable and efficient solutions for satellite networks including routing protocols, network security and simulation environments. Additionally, I have a research interest in sustainability in computing. I aim to contribute to the advancement of space technology and the protection of the environment by designing systems that exploit scheduling to emit as least carbon dioxide as possible.
Oct 2023 – Now


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